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Where It Began

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

As a student government (Baruch College Graduate Student Assembly) member, I would help serving coffee to the students occasionally. We had another free coffee event today as it's the beginning of the semester.

Look at the lines for the coffee we serve!!

The coffee urns we use for our events are usually prepared by our on-campus Starbucks licensed cafe. I normally don't care which coffee beans are which, except I care for which one kicks in my brain the hardest, but today I noticed something - it read "Pike Place."

What's the highlight this time? Because I recently visited my friend in Washington and she took me to the first Starbucks store ever (Original Starbucks). The store is indeed on the Pike Place in the Pike Place Market district and amongst all other tourists, I also purchased a bag of beans named after the street as a souvenir.

Yes, I know I'm silly. I don't even have a coffee machine at home. Lol

(Well, I have a filtering cone dripper but still, the beans need to be ground somewhere.)

By the way, I loved the view from the marketplace area. If you get a chance to visit Seattle, this is definitely the spot to check out, even if you're anti-Starbucks individual. :)

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