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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I attended the MBA Tour (https://thembatour.com/newyorkcity/) event today as a Student Ambassador to represent my school. Can't explain how happy I was, seriously, because two years ago, I was a regular (as in frequency) attendee of this type of MBA events going after the school which I now call "my school" as a prospective student. Now, I am attending the event from the other side, with an opportunity granted to speak to the prospective student once I was. All of their worries, concerns, anxiety, expectations, etc. etc. are as mine as they used to be. I'm so intensively emotional. :)

Here are us Ambassadors with the Admission Office Directors I used to come to ask questions to at the table. I am so proud to be here --- even though I was busy taking pictures and none of them has me in it. haha

The fair itself had almost 30 business schools literally from all over the world. Including schools from Spain, Copenhagen, London, France, and Singapore but hey, amongst of all, which school is the best, you know? Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College! Yup, you guessed it. Imagine you go to a class walking through the center of the business universe, the New York City. The study materials are all within the walking distance. The professors and your peers and alums are business experts as you are or going to be. What's more blessing than being able to study business at our school, and I am not exaggerating. All, I mean, ALL of my classmates would agree to it. And it's the best for the cost as well. ;)

Some of the attendees kept coming back to our table and would ask similar questions. I do remember that as myself in the past, bothering staff trying to seek connections and get the best of it. :D (And no, it wasn't a bother to me at all when I was waiting there for them.)

What I found interesting to me there though, is that the other two Ambassadors had different experiences with the application process which I figured out during the conversations between the attendees and us Ambassadors. One of them took some quick steps to enrollment, like one day just got up and thought about getting an MBA, took GMAT and Boom, while it took me over a year and a half preparing for it. I know there is not the right answer - I, therefore, hope those applicants find their own best way to prepare, referencing our examples - circumspectly.

Zicklin School of Business application information can be found here >>> https://zicklin.baruch.cuny.edu/apply-for-our-programs/

If you are applying for the Fall 2021, I guarantee that you just made the right pick. I wish you the best of luck and see you on campus!!!

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