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Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Before you came to this blog page, you may have read on my profile and been aware that I am switching my career into Digital Marketing. The idea popped up during the middle of my MBA studies, and I only have nothing but my passion in it, thought it would be intellectually stimulating to explore. But when reality hits, I knew nothing about the field in the real world.

I started attending marketing events. Everyone said, "networking is the key."

So one of my goals was set as, "get 500+ connections on LinkedIn."

Today, I opened my LinkedIn and found it happened finally. Yaayy!!!

Thanks to my 500 connections!! It couldn't have been done without any one of you, otherwise it's still 499!!! :P

Now I have to figure out the way to use my connections to create my new career path, which I have been working on but I mean, really. Lol

If you know any Digital Marketing opportunities, please contact via email at mba.digitalmarketing.nyc@gmail.com or message on https://www.mbadigitalmarketingnyc.com/contact

Thanks! :D

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