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The Deeds and #NYTOUGH

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

I just cannot thank enough for how blessed I am during these crucial times - especially today. Here's why and I'm sharing the information as much as I can.

I previously participated in a survey by Collegiate Congress regarding the impact on continuing studies during the novel virus pandemic. I cordially expressed my concerns about food supplies. I have done so because the organization and its subsidiary Collegiate Internationals has once brought me to the United Nations for International Day of Education conference back in 2018 and I knew their effort earns credibility.

Early this week I received a call from the project director of this COVID-19 Student Support Project, telling me the supply is on the way. Indeed, I got my food delivered to my door the next day. I'm assuming this is enough to get me through the next 3-4 weeks (by adding some minerals).

I'm sure I'll never forget this - as my goals of all time include giving back to the community, this organization is definitely added to my list when I become financially stable, which I will!

Just so you know, the project is to support college students within the NYC's academic system. If you are that person eligible, you may sign up here >>> https://www.collegiatecongress.org/COVID-19/ to receive good deeds from them.

The reason I am not overly anxious about the whole this predicament here in New York is that I still believe in people who express their extensive care to others. I trust in the "NY Tough".

Again, thanks to Collegiate Congress and all first responders who work tirelessly for keeping us safe!

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P.S. I have been a member of anti-cereal society for the longest but I really did enjoy my first cereal bowl in 20+ years! :P It wasn't that bad as I thought. ;)

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