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Happy 2020!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Happy New Year, everyone. Today I would like to share my experience that became my new year routine.

Continued from last year, I'm again a volunteer at Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge!

(Prior to last year, I had been a volunteer for New Year's Eve Fireworks at Coney by the way.)


Was a little sick so went to bed before the clock turns to 1/1/2020. I feel I changed. A lot. I used to party and countdown in the clubs but it seems so long ago. (smile)

It's 42 degrees. A little chilly compared to last year. But I believe we'll have a great number of participants like last year because I see the sun between the clouds.

Registration starts at 10am but look how many people are already in line!

After I get them all signed (approx. 4,000 participants!), here's my favorite part - I head to the beach and hand out the "I DID IT" certificates to those half-naked brave folks that keep coming out of the water, grasping the final moments of excitement.

Don't you just love the ray of light pours into the ocean through the clouds!

Happy New Year, Polar Bears! Will see you again next year! :))

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