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Who You Admire

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

During the management class I took last semester (Business & Society Relationships), the professor asked us who the person that we respect is. Some including myself raised hands. When the prof. picked me after other students answered with people who are close to themselves (like "my mother", "8th grade teacher", etc.), I said Michelle Obama. It shook the class a bit as they didn't seem to have expected that. Lol, wait - was it not relatable? Why? Indeed, I admire her administrative work, her academic career and her contribution to various communities but it's mostly because I know I can never be her but something that I aspire to be. She is a beautiful person, yes - but I see her beauty inside and out derived from her determination, which could not have been built in one day. I believe if I can ever be 10% of her, I'd say my life is successful. Long way to go.

Today is her birthday and I'd like to join her husband in celebrating her being such a motivational person. Happy Birthday, Michelle. Stay sweet. :))

Credit: https://twitter.com/BarackObama/status/1218174463046553600?s=20

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