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Back to the 80s

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Growing up outside the U.S., one of the iconic American images was a "Drive-In Theater." I read books and watched movies in which the high school kids drive to the drive-in theater with their friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. In my country, we were not permitted to drive a car until we were 6 months to 18 years old so outing by "driving" and to "drive-in theater" were just simply some fascinating American culture to me as a kid.

Fast-forward, after living in several U.S. cities without having a chance to visit a drive-in theater, I even forgot there was such a thing while people's entertainment choices sparse over time. Now, it's the year 2020, thanks to my girl from my hometown who now lives in Oak Harbor, WA, I would have never ever expected that this dream of my childhood comes true.

Just as I've seen in the movies back in 80s to early 90s! A huge screen, the poles between the car spots. The difference is, the poles are not used as a speaker anymore but we were given the radio device to pick up the sound.

Laying down on my girl's hatchback for a movie with a bucket of popcorn and some mild booze. How cool is that?

Ok, here's a spoiler. It was 45-degree, with the rear door open of course. We, the four of us had to fight a lot for a blanket and to assume our positions to secure our vision toward the screen. Savage. lol When one makes comfortable, others are blocked. Sitting in the truck is not butt-friendly. I actually don't know if anyone including two kids ever made comfortable themselves. ha ha. But hey, we endured through TWO movies like this (from 6 to 10:30pm). We cool.

Conclusion: Fun times never know physical tormenting!!! ........until the next day.

The real conclusion: Dreams do come true. At an unexpected timing at times.

By the way, don't ask me what we watched, we were just keeping us busy trying to get along with each other. ;) And thanks to my girl who gave me the opportunity to experience what I dreamed of when I was her kids' age. It could have not done without her contribution to the military as a supporting family.

Next time, let's explore another entertainment that doesn't make our body sore. :P

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