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Growing up a Girl Scout (yeah, I was!), serving the community became an authentic interest of mine of all time, and I enjoy meeting cool people through volunteering experiences.  I also enjoy music while I have zero talent in playing music, and ended up living in the area my favorite genres of music were born. 

Below is a few to note. Will be updated accordingly when I come up with more to share! 

School Representation

Had a chance to be on the cover of my business school 2020 website as a nontraditional student to represent our diverse culture.  I am not photogenic (you'd be about to witness. lol) but I am blessed to be able to contribute to my community as many ways as possible.

Accommodation Host

Welcomed approx. 300 guests from more than 30 countries in my apartment in the last 4 years.  Living with people from different backgrounds is quite challenging at times, but I manage with my psychological theory and empirical analysis (and yes, the sticky notes everywhere in my apartment is a part of my solutions! ;)).  Great reviews - witness here.



My genuine love for music has emerged with 80's pops, then transferred towards Hip Hop and R&B during 90s.  I've also served as a bartender for nights and weekends over a decade at Soul and R&B music bar, and this has made me confident with my knowledge in the area.  I also listen to almost anything and create playlists based on my favorites, and on periodic trends beyond genre.  If you're in search of some dope playlists, visit here.


While I acknowledge my introvert self, I am occasionally a moderate extrovert with a mission.  I love spending my free time volunteering at various sites namely; Prospect Park, McCarren Park, Bowery Mission and other anonymous shelters; events at Advertising Week New York, New Year Fireworks/Polar Bear Plunge at Coney Island, Japan Fair at Time's Square/West Village/Governor's Island, AND MORE (holla if you see me around)!  I'm not rich, but knowing that my dedication can still help others creates precious moments for me, and volunteering will certain be a thing I would continue to do even when I become financially independent.

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